Pending Payments

This page is about the menu BOOKINGS > PENDING PAYMENTS and explains how to create and manage pending payments

1. Create and manage pending payments

The option to automatically collect pending payments is only available for customers who use Stripe via Stripe Connect (“Connect to Stripe” button). If you connected your Stripe account via keys please remove them and connect via the “Connect to Stripe” button.

1.1 Add pending payments

Pending payments can either be

  • added via an Auto Action. The auto action will create the pending payment for the bookings which meet the trigger conditions.
  • added manually on the “Charges and Payments” tab of the booking. For manually added pending payments you can choose to collect the payment automatically or manually.
  • imported as virtual cards from an OTA. To import pending payments go to  (SETTINGS) ->CHANNEL MANAGER and set “Channel Collect Invoice” = Charges and Pending Payments. Then go to the channel settings (for example  (SETTINGS) ->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM/EXPEDIA) and set “Auto Process Virtual Cards” = Yes

1.2 Rules for pending payments

In  (SETTINGS) ->PAYMENTS->PAYMENT RULES you can create rules and info codes for pending payments.

When the payment is due, the system checks whether the selected rule applies. If this is the case, the payment is triggered and then the selected info code is added to the “Info” tab of the booking.

There are two standard payment rules created in the system, Auto or Manual.

If your policy is to NOT collect payments for Cancelled bookings, then you should create a payment rule with Status = All Not Cancelled.

1.3 Manage pending payments

Under “Pending Payments” on the “Charges and Payments tab of the booking you can:

  • Schedule outstanding payments. Pending payments can be collected manually or automatically. The option to charge automatically is available for customers who use Stripe
  • For automatic chargingset the “pending payment” to “auto” (or your payment rule) and enter a due date in the future.
  • Manually collect a pending payment if the credit card has been sent to Stripe by clicking on the … menu and then clicking on “charge now”.

Successful collections will be moved from “Pending Payments” to “Payments”.

After the payment was collected you will see a status information on the “Info” tab.

1.4 View bookings with pending payments


View the list of bookings with outstanding pending payments.

Click on an individual booking to open the booking.

To manage bulk options, select which bookings by tick in the first column, then scroll to the bottom to the page and select the action from the drop down list.

To ADD a rule to multiple bookings, then first select the Property (NOT all Properties), then select the bookings and the action.