This page explains:

How communication through the system can be customized.

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1. Notifications to host

Host Notifications are the messages sent automatically to hosts when a new booking is made.

  • Messages on new bookings, cancellation or modifications can be sent via Email and SMS. By default host notifications are always sent by Email containing all important information. By default, all messages are sent to the administrator EMail address which can be changed in SETTING>ACCOUNT->ACCOUNT ACCESS. You can set where these are sent to and add information or set up a second notification in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->HOST NOTIFICATIONS.
  • You can set up push notification to Google Chrome or Apple notifications via Integromat (SETTINGS-> APPS&INTEGRATIONS->INTEGROMAT).

Email communication is free of charge. For SMS an additional fee per message applies.

2. Communication with Guests

2.1 Email

  • Confirmation Messages are the messages shown and sent to guests automatically after they have made a booking. Confirmation messages can be fully customized. Different messages can be sent for different booking types. They can be customized in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->CONFIRMATION MESSAGES. Confirmation messages are automatically sent to all bookings made on your own web site but not for manually added bookings and bookings from channels that send their own confirmation (almost all channels) and do not require MASTERINSOFT to send an additional one (for example TripConnect, Homeaway XML).
  • Cancellation Messages are only sent from the system if you allow guests to cancel the booking themselves and for bookings from channels which do not send confirmations directly to the guest. The system messages are not customizable. If required you can set up an Auto Action Email which triggers automatically if a guest cancels.
  • Auto Actions are pre-canned Emails that can be sent to guests automatically at a pre-set trigger time. Alternatively, the can be set up for manual sending. They can use Template Variables to include information specific to the booking. Auto Action Emails can be set up in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->AUTO ACTIONS.

Emails are sent in the language defined in the “Mails” tab of the booking. For online bookings, this is the language the guest used to book. If no language code is set the system uses the default language of the booking page which is set in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->INTERNATIONALIZATION.

2.2 SMS

In SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->AUTO ACTIONS you can set up manual and automated Auto Actions to send SMS message to guests.

We can setup a custom SMS sending number for a fee. The sending number must be a phone number owned by you and be able to receive SMS messages. The fee is non-refundable, please check the SMS sending service works reliably for your needs before requesting this service.

2.3 Messages via Guest Login

Guest can send you messages via the Guest Login. When a guest sends a new message via the guest login you will receive an Email notification which you can reply to.

2.4 Messages via WhatsApp

To send a WhatsApp message to guests click on the green icon next to the phone number in the “Summary” tab of the booking.

To use this service you need an account with WhatsApp and WhatsApp installed on the device you are logged in to.

2.5 Messages from OTAs

You can get communicate with Airbnb guest directly from MASTERINSOFT. See the Airbnb help page on how to enable this function.

2.6 Languages

If you have activated multiple languages in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->INTERNATIONALIZATION you can set templates in multiple languages. The language code from the “Mail & Actions” tab of the booking is used to determine which language Email correspondence is sent to the guest. Not all OTAs send language information. If you set “Deduce language from the country” = Yes in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER the system will try to deduce the language from the guests country if no language information is available.

3. Email Addresses

By default Emails to guests are sent from MASTERINSOFT.

If you do not want to use your own email address they will be sent from the system email address. To change your settings go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->OUTGOING EMAIL. Sub accounts can be used to use different outgoing email addresses for multiple properties in one account.

4. Guest Login

If you have allowed guests to use the guest login in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->GUEST LOGIN they can send messages to your Email address from there.

Email communication is free of charge. For SMS an additional fee per message applies.

5. Trouble Shooting

Some browsers block pop up email. If your email program does not open when you want to manually send a confirmation message or auto action email you might need to change your browser settings.

Some email programs limit the number of characters. If you want to manually send a confirmation message or auto action email you might need to shorten the message to accommodate the capabilities or your email system.