Manage and Create Rate Plans

This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > MANAGE RATE PLANS  and explains how to create or manage rate plans from MASTERINSOFT.

1 Pricing Models

Our connection with supports these pricing models:

  1. Per Occupancy Pricing (OBP)RECOMMENDED – If your Rate Type is Per Occupancy Pricing a price for each occupancy defined in MASTERINSOFT can be sent. Set the Rate Type to Occupancy.
  2. Per Day Pricing (Standard)– If your Rate Type is “Per Day Pricing / Standard” you will need a price for the maximum room occupancy. If you want to send an additional “Single” price needs to activate the single price option. After this is done you can set the Rate Type to Per Day Pricing + Single.
  3. Derived Prices (RLO)– If has set up derived (RLO) prices they calculate prices for different occupancies from one standard price sent from MASTERINSOFT.  If your pricing model is RLO (derived prices) only can change rate plans. Contact support or change to Occupancy Pricing.

2 Add a rate plan

If you need prices additional prices for example a non-refundable rate or your rate plan contains meals you can create additional rate plans.

  • Click on “Add new rate plan”.
  • Enter a speaking name for your rate plan.
  • Click on “Confirm”.
  • Set the “Max Occupancy”, “Cancel Penalty Code” (cancellation policy), “Guarantee Payment Type” and “Meal Plan Code”.

To use this function your connection need to be activated for content. If you see the error message “Access denied” your connection is not activated for content. Log into your account and change the connection type. Then try again.

3 Map rate plan

Create a daily price or rate in MASTERINSOFT which can contain additional restrictions like days in advance, minimum stay, days of the week on which the rate plan is available.

Click on “Get Codes” in the “Channels” tab or section of the daily price or rate and enter the rate plan for this daily price or rate.

For more information use these instructions.

3.1 Add or manage promotions

Rate plans are not used for promotions. If you want to set up a promotion Go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM->PROMOTIONS to manage promotions.

4 Edit rate plan

  • Click on “Edit” next tho the rate plan you want to edit.
  • Change the settings.
  • Click “Save”.

When you edit a rate plan all settings which were made for it in the extranet will get lost.

4.1 Deactivate rate plan

  • Click on “Edit” next to the rate plan you want to deactivate
  • Change the settings for “Active” to NO.
  • Click “Save”. will not allow you to send prices to deactivated rate codes. If you receive error messages remove the incative rate plan in your daily prices, rates and in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER-BOOKING.COM.

5 Delete rate plan

Log into your extranet if you need to delete a rate plan.

6 Common Errors

Code 497 – Authorization error. Access denied while trying to update hotel xyzThe property is not activated for the use of the content API. Log into your account, cancel the connection with MASTERINSOFT then request a new one which includes the content API.