This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > OFFERS

1. Functionality

An offer is a price combined with certain conditions. Offer1 is normally your standard offer which always displays unless you hide it.

Additional offers can show your guests alternative price options for example refundable/non-refundable or packages.

This example shows one room which shows offer 1 only (the default) and one room for which one additional offer is set up:

Offer Masterinsoft

2 Create additional offers

Step 1 – enable to display of additional offers

Additional offers can be set to always display or only when a price is available. You can enter descriptive information and a picture for each extra offer. For example to enable offer 2 go to SETTINGS-> PROPERTIES -> OFFERS the click on “Offer 2” and enable it.

Step 2 – create prices for additional offers

If you use Daily Prices

Go to PRICES > DAILY PRICES SETUP or  (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES >ROOMS >DAILY PRICES select the room you want to set up and set “Daily Price 2” “Offer”=2. You can activate up to 4 offers.

When you go to the CALENDAR you will now see additional “Daily Price” rows where you can enter the prices.

If you use Rates

To set prices for your offers add a rate for them and set the offer set in the “Rooms” tab of your rate to the appropriate number.

  • You can link an existing rate to offers with a price offset in the “Rooms” tab of the Rate.
  • If you have different booking conditions you can create a new rate for each offer and set specific rules.

If you set “Only If Available” on all your offers this means when they are not available, the offer including it’s specific warning message is hidden. If all offers are hidden only a generic warning is shown for the room.