This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > Bookit and explains how the connection with Bookit works and how to set it up.


  • can export Inventory
  • can export Prices
  • can import Bookings

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This tutorial explains how to set prices for channels.

1 Limitations

2 What you will need

  • Your Bookit! username and password.
  • The Bookit! property code for your property.
  • The Bookit! room code for each room you want to synchronise.

3 Setup

3.1 Bookit

You will need to contact Bookit and ask them to activate your property on their API messaging interface and ask them for your property and room codes.


  • Set “Bookit! TravelBug and TradeMe ” = Enable
  • Enter your Bookit! username
  • Enter your Bookit! password
  • Enter your Bookit! property code and room codes in the fields
  • Tick “Inventory” “Prices” and “Bookings” for each room you want to synchronise
  • Click Save

4 Updates

Changes to availability and prices will be instantly sent to the channel. Changes for other settings will send with the next update. Click on “Update” if you want to push them through instantly.