This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > GUESTLINK.CO.UK and explains how the connection with Guestlink works and how to set it up.

1 Capabilities

  • com can export inventory.
  • com can export a room price so you will need a price for the full occupancy.
  • com can import bookings.

For details please click here

This tutorial explains how to set prices for channels.

2 Limitations

Bookings will be imported but later modifications will not be imported. Modifications to the original booking must be manually entered into

3 Before you connect


  • We can only send availability if you have set up prices which are activated for this channel. This tutorial gives general information how to set prices for channels.
  • Prices for “Extra Person”, “Extra child” and discounts set in the “Discounts” tab of the rates can not be sent.


New Bookings are imported.

Existing bookings are not automatically imported when the connection is established and should be entered into MASTERINSOFT manually.

Extras and Taxes

“Upsell Items” can not be exported.

Rooms and room types

If you have room types here and sell rooms individually at another channel or your own web site and want to sell them here as a “roomtype” with a quantity of more than one you can set up virtual roooms.

4 What you will need

  • Your Guestlink Contact ID (CID)
  • Your Guestlink+ password (different to your normal Guestlink password)
  • The Guestlink Property ID of your property. (PID)
  • The Guestlink Product number of each room.

5 Setup Setup Guestlink in the synchroniser settings. The username is the Guestlink Contact ID. (a 6 digit number) The password is the Guestlink +Conect password. (not your web login password) The property code is the Guestlink Property ID. (a 7 digit number) The room code is the Guestlink product number. (These may be found by loBold textgging into and looking at the Update/Availability tool – the product numbers appear in the availability grid along with the product names.)

Use the check boxes to enable the functions. in to Guestlink and go to the +Connect settings in the My Guestlink menu. Select MASTERINSOFT as your Guestlink + Connect Integrator. Set a passord for + Connect. This can be different to your Guestlink web login password.

If you know your Contact ID (CID) this tool will show your property ID’s. (PID)

If you know your Contact ID (CID) and Property ID (PID) this tool will show your room ID’s.


Prices exported to Guestlink are the lowest of any daily prices and any rates that have a synchroniser export price and the Guestlink channel enabled. The Export price is the main price exported and the Extra Adult price is exported as the extra person price.


New bookings and bookings with a last modified date within the last 7 days will be imported. On initial setup any older bookings will need to be manually entered. This can be done quickly using the “Add Bulk Bookings” button on the bookings page