This page is about the menu {#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS)  GUEST MANAGEMENT > INVOICEES.

1 Functionality

By default every booking (or group booking) has one invoice. This function allows you to assign some or all of the invoice items to a specific invoicee or create multiple invoices per booking. For example:

  • Agents make bookings and pay for accommodation and guests pay for any extra items
  • Companies making bookings and pay for bookings for employees
  • To issue a second invoice with a new invoice number i.E. for a refund
  • Guests making multiple and or repeat bookings.
  • To manage bookings in multiple currencies.

2. How it works

2.1 Create invoicees

  • Give the invoicee a name.
  • Set “Enabled”= “Yes” or “Yes with booking page”
  • You can assign one of the invoice templates you have set up in {#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > INVOICING to be used for this invoicee.
  • A code is optional for example if you need this for an accounting system.
  • You can set up 8 invoicee templates to insert address, tax number or other information into the invoice template.

If you use sub accounts you can choose to make invoicees available in sub accounts.

2.2 Delete invoicees

For technical reasons an invoicee cannot be deleted. However, you can set “Enabled” = “No” which has the same effect.

2.3 Assign invoice items either to the guest or an invoicee

After you have created one or more invoicees:

1) Under ‘Charges and payments’ you will be able to assign charges a different invoicee.

To assign charges to an invoicee you have to first add a charge.

If you remove the invoicee the charge will be set back to the guest.

2) The invoice tab will allow assigning an invoice number to each invoicee in the invoice and printing the invoices separately.

2.4 Special prices for an invoicee

Each invoicee can be allowed to access their own rates or daily prices.

The invoicee is connected to a rate or daily price by a agent code, this can be a code word of your choice.

1) In the Invoicee > Code setting, enter one or more agent codes separated by spaces.

2) In the Rate or Daily Price, add this Agent Code to the setting on the Channels section.

3) In the Rate or Daily Price, disable Masterinsoft direct bookings and enable Agent bookings on the channels tick boxes.

4) When adding a new booking via the add booking wizard, select an Invoicee and click Calculate Room Price. The price will be calculated including Agent rates which match this Invoicee.

2.5 Manually added bookings

After you have added invoicees you can choose to assign the charges to them instead of the guest.

2.6 Online bookings

You can create a booking link for invoicees by adding the invoicee ID to the URL of your booking page. To use this function set “Enabled”= “Yes with booking page”

An example link to your booking page could be in this format Assign invoice items either to the guest or an invoicee== ropid=13437&invoicee=3

When a guest clicks this link, the charges will automatically assign to invoicee 3.

2.7 Channel bookings

If you need a different invoice template for the bookings from a certain channel enter the ID number of the invoicee in the channel manager settings for the channel so all incoming bookings from the channel will be assigned to this invoicee (note that this does not change existing bookings).

You can specify the Invoicee for Hotel collect and Channel collect separately by adding a H or C in front of the number.

For example: if you want Invoicee 1234 to only apply to Channel collect bookings, specify it like this: C1234

2.8 Invoices

In {#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > INVOICING you can set up three invoice templates. The template variables representing invoicee are:







For invoice numbers use the template variable [INVOICENUMBERS]

3. Dashboard

Columns for “Invoicee Name” and “Invoice Code” can be added to the dashboard modules if required.

4. Reports

The “Invoicees” filter allows you to generate custom reports for specific invoicees.